Our Fees

Burgundy Street Family Medical

Our Fees

The following services are Bulk Billed

Blood Pressure Checks

Health Assessments

Family Planning

Medication Reviews

Cervical Screening Tests (Pap Smears)

Management of Asthma

Diabetes and Other Chronic Illnesses

Childhood Immunisations

Management of Chronic Illness

Mental Health Treatment Plans

Immunisations for Adults

Antismoking Advice

Ear Cleaning

Obstetric Care and Advice

Women’s Health

Men’s Health

Sexual Health

Steroid Injections to Shoulder, Elbow and Knee

Skin Lesion Removal by Cryotherapy (Please ask the doctor as it depends on the procedure)

Wound Care and Management

Work Cover – for existing patients only

Pathology Services (Some pathology services may not be bulk billed by the pathology company)


The following services incur a Gap Fee

Skin Cancer Checks $123.95 (Medicare Rebate $73.95, Gap Fee $50)

Implanon Insertion $80.75 (Medicare Rebate $30.75, Gap Fee $50)

Implanon Removal $102.45 (Medicare Rebate $52.45, Gap Fee $50)

IUD Removal (Please ask the doctor for the full fee, Gap Fee $50)


The following services incur a gap fee of $120

(The full cost depends on the details of the service, so please ask your doctor)

Skin Cancer Removal

Skin Biopsies

Minor Surgeries

Applying Plastering for Minor Fractures



Fully privately paying services

Employment Assessments $70

Assessing Fitness to Drive form, which is part of Driver Accreditation $70

A Standard Consultation for patients without a Medicare Card $70

Allied Health Services


If you suffer from a chronic health condition (eg. diabetes, high blood pressure) and have completed a Care Plan with your GP, you are eligible to receive the services of a dietitian. Ms. Kai-Yi Chui (Christy) is a dietitian at our clinic and her fees are below:

Patients who work full time
Total cost: $90
Medicare rebate: $52.95
Out of pocket Gap fee: $37.05

Students/ pensioners/ Health Care card holders
Total cost: $70
Medicare rebate: $52.95
Out of pocket Gap fee: $17.05

Patients who are currently unemployed/ or experience financial difficulties
Fully bulk billed

Private patients without a Care Plan from GP
$60 (No Medicare rebate)

Cancellation Fee:
Cancellation fee will be applied if you have not given at least 24 hours notice prior to cancellations. Cancellation fee will be 50% of the consultation fee.