Cervical Screening Test

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The National Cervical Screening Program that tests for the human papillomavirus (HPV) has come in to effect from 1st December 2017. There are five main changes to the renewed National Cervical Screening program:

  1. The Pap test will be replaced by a more accurate Cervical Screening Test.
  2. People will be invited to participate via the National Cancer Screening Register, when they are due to participate in the National Screening Program.
  3. The renewed Cervical Screening Program are for people aged between 25 to 74 (the previous test was for the age group 18-69)
  4. The test is conducted five yearly (the previous test was conducted two yearly).
  5. People aged 70 to 74 years will be invited to have an exit test.

If you are familiar with the Pap test, you would know that it is s a simple procedure to check the health of your cervix. Furthermore, the way the Cervical Screening Test is conducted will look and feel the same as a Pap test.

People of any age who have symptoms such as unusual bleeding, discharge and pain should see their healthcare provider immediately.

HPV vaccinated people are still required to have the Cervical Screening Tests as the HPV vaccine does not protect against all the types of HPV that cause cervical cancer.

All of our doctors specialise in the Cervical Screening Test. A male doctor will always accompany a female nurse, while conducting Cervical Screening Tests.

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