Skin Cancer Checks

Burgundy Street Family Medical

10As Australia has the highest occurrence of skin cancer in the world, it is important for patients to be vigilant and conduct self-examinations regularly.  It is also important to get a qualified GP to examine any unusual and sudden appearance of any spots on your skin. In addition, annual Skin Cancer Checks are recommended for people at high risk. Skin Cancer Checks are performed by GPs who have completed post-graduate studies in dermatology and skin cancer.

At our clinic, Dr. Joseph Fernando specialises in Skin Cancer Checks as well as its removal, which involves a small surgery to remove the suspected area of the skin under local anesthetic. The skin that is removed is then sent to our pathology department to check for the presence of cancer cells. The patient will be advised when the results are received by our clinic and will be requested to make an appointment to see your GP to discuss the results. Please note that our clinic will not release results over the phone and Skin Cancer Checks and its removal will involve an extra charge.